Music and Lyrics by David Pomeranz
Karen and I recorded this track in January 1975, during the Horizon sessions.  We did not include it in that release, as we felt that that set ultimately featured an adequate amount of ballads.  For some unknown reason, the title was never catalogued, and over the years Karen, Roger and I assumed it had been inadvertently discarded.  On November 29, 1991 while remixing tracks for our Best of Best (Japanese karaoke) album, Roger found the title on the multi-track tape containing “Only Yesterday.”  The impending release of Interpretations in October, 1994, provided an excellent reason for me to orchestrate and complete the production.  Strings were recorded on May 31, 1994, and Roger and I mixed the selection on June 6.  Karen’s flawless performance of the song is another “work lead”.   (One can hear the lyric sheet being turned over by Karen, as she segues from the end of the first chorus into the second verse.)  For this reason alone, the lead would have been re-recorded had we decided to complete production in 1975.  Certain sections of the lead also would have been doubled, hence the effect used in the mix.  Karen sings the lyrics as originally written by David Pomeranz; Barry Manilow, who subsequently had a hit with this song, asked that some words be changed for his interpretation.


Upward Spiral Music administered by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Produced and Arranged by Richard Carpenter
Lead Vocal: Karen Carpenter
Backing Vocals: Karen and Richard Carpenter
Keyboards: Richard Carpenter
Bass: Joe Osborn
Drums: Jim Gordon
Guitar: Tim May
Engineer: Roger Young
From the album Interpretations (1994) 



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May 2004  © Richard Carpenter

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