"Music, Music, Music"

Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and many other great "old school" pop singers did not lip-sync; for that matter, they would not use headphones in the studio and sing to a pre-recorded track. Karen and I, being studio animals, were used to both. As a result, this medley, featuring two great female vocalists together, posed a conundrum for me: how to get live and pre-recorded vocalists together, in two places, and two different times, on one 24-track tape for posterity? It turned out not to be much of a problem. On Sunday, March 2, 1980, her 30th birthday, Karen recorded her selections in Studio D, A&M Studios. They might as well have been live as she got them all in one take. Since Karen and I co-owned the ABC specials, we hired a remote recording service to record Ella at the ABC television studios at Prospect Avenue, where we were videotaping. I can only say the effort was more than worth it.



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