1971 Continental Mark III



Introduced in mid-1968, the Continental Mark III  was Lincoln division’s personal luxury response to the El Dorado, Cadillac’s personal luxury response to the Toronado, which was Oldsmobile’s personal luxury response to the Riviera, which was, of course, Buick’s personal luxury response to the progenitor of them all, the 1958 Ford Thunderbird. I really liked the long hood/short deck styling of both these cars. However, by the time I could afford one - late 1970 - I leaned toward the Continental as I much preferred the interior. I would have liked it that much more if it could have been had without the vinyl top.

I purchased this 1971 model from Beverly Hills Lincoln on December 10, 1970. There was a waiting list for these cars and I wanted it just so, black/black, full leather and the rare “high back” front seats.

In its softly sprung, land yacht sort of way, it is quite nice to drive; perfect for transporting Karen and me back and forth to and from A&M and sitting a number of times in heavy traffic. As I was to learn later, these automobiles were highly troublesome and after we passed the 20,000 mile mark, this example became no exception.

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