1965 Buick Riviera



Third and final year of the first generation of the Riviera, Buick’s gorgeous entry into the increasingly popular “personal luxury” segment. As of mid model-year, the Riviera could be ordered as a Gran Sport, a limited production, high performance option, lowered by ½ inch, more stiffly sprung and sporting two four barrel carburetors for a total of 360 h.p. These were some cars; beautiful understated elegance combined with remarkable performance; the "cross between a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce” that design chief Bill Mitchell had envisioned for the Riviera from its inception.

If in 1965 I’d had the wherewithal to own any new car of my choosing, this would have been it. Due to the Gran Sport's rarity, and the fact that it had to be black/black, this automobile took years to find. Though an honest “black plate” example, it still took quite a bit of time and effort to bring it to the condition it is in today.

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