1972 MGB



The MGB possesses timeless design and a high fun-to-drive quotient. My lovely wife Mary had wanted one of these while in high school as did I, so when the subject came up in 1985, we started looking. Given the fact that most of the 500,000 of these built between 1962 and 1980 were either gone or in dire condition, I thought the quest would take years. Imagine our surprise when this example was the first at which we looked. Though some work has been done by us through the years, basically the car was in terrific shape when we became only the third owners.

Ironically, the MGB’s leg room is such that it could accommodate an NBA player. Even after my longtime friend and master mechanic, Bill DiCicco, refashioned the seat track so the seat would move even closer to the steering wheel, Mary still needs a pillow to make it easier for her to reach the pedals. ( And yes, I realize the tail pipe is incorrect; its size along with the prancing horse kind of give it away!)

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