1972 Ferrari GTC4


1 of 500 built / V-12 268 c.i. 330 h.p.

Offered for one year only, the “C4”, as with all Ferrari 2+2s, was at the top of the company’s price list (which is curious to me as they take a back seat, if you will, to the two-seaters when it comes to resale.)

C More "C4".....

In the six months that I owned the Daytona, and given the fact that it was no fun to drive – primarily due to the steering effort required – I still managed to accumulate 5000 miles on the car. Astonishingly ........

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The GTC4 was the only Ferrari at the time offered with power steering, which was the main reason I bought it, trading my ’72 Daytona as it steered like a truck and I had a broken wrist healing in a cast for five months from February to June of 1973.  This car is entirely original except for the tires which have been replaced through the years with original issue.

 These are lovely cars, quite similar in design to the GTB4 Daytona, and with the power steering and non-gated ZF gearbox, much more pleasurable to drive than the GTB4. Given the prices the Daytona has commanded in the past twenty years, I should have taken my dad’s advice in 1973 and kept the Daytona while purchasing the GTC4. Selling it just seemed the sensible thing to do at the time!

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