1962 Ford Thunderbird Factory Sports Roadster


1 of 1427 built / 390 c.i. 300 h.p.

For years many folks bemoaned the end of the two-seater Thunderbird, but Ford’s decision to remake the 1958 edition as a larger four seat car was a sound business move, as it sold far better than the previous cars and introduced a new segment, the “personal luxury” automobile, as well.

To mollify some of the disgruntled, Ford, for 1962 and 1963, built a limited number of the Sports Roadster. This model featured a fiberglass tonneau which covered the rear seat and enveloped the backs of the front buckets, giving the car a two seat look. Also included were a front passenger grab bar, Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels, unique fender badging and special serial numbering. The latter is most important to the collector as if a person were so inclined, he could procure the extras and apply them to a standard T-Bird convertible; hence the term “factory” in description and advertising.

This example has only 40,000 miles on it and I am the third owner, having purchased it in 1985. Though it was in high #2 condition, we nevertheless performed a full restoration.

 This T-Bird will be immediately recognizable to those of you who own my first solo project, Time; an album even rarer than this Thunderbird.

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