1967 Pontiac GTO



1 of 65,176 built. 400 c.i. with high performance Ram Air engine option, 360 h.p.

Fully restored over the past three years, this GTO is one of my more recent acquisitions. The beautiful styling was a mild facelift of the 1966, which in itself was a major redo of the 1964 original. The main reason I opted for a 1967 was the availability of the automatic three speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission. Up until model year 1967 if one wanted an automatic, the GTO came only with the hoary two speed; fully nine years behind Chrysler and not the proper automatic tranny for a car like the GTO.

These automobiles have always been pleasurable to drive. The ergonomics are well thought out, seating position is excellent and - especially for the period - the buckets have a fairly good amount of lateral support; for that matter, all GM's bucket seats going back to the early '60s were quite a bit better than their domestic competition. It is little wonder why the GTO was so successful; it offered great looks and impressive performance, yet was roomy for four adults and had quite a bit of trunk space. In addition, even optioned out, one did not have to be wealthy to own one.


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