1963 Pontiac Grand Prix



1 of 72,959 built, 389 c.i. 300 h.p.

Introduced for the 1962 model year, the Grand Prix was Pontiac’s entry into the increasingly popular “personal luxury” segment of automobiles, begun in 1958 by Ford with the first four-seat Thunderbird. While the 1962 Grand Prix was a gorgeous car, the 1963 was stunning, with “Coke bottle” styling, a near absence of chrome trim, stacked headlights, hidden – unless illuminated – tail lights and a concave backlight (rear window.) If one were into automobiles and not wealthy – such as I - 1963 was quite a frustrating time; think about it, the Jaguar XK-E was, of course, still available, having been introduced for 1961, and the designs new for 1963 included the Studebaker Avanti, Buick Riviera, Corvette Sting Ray… and the Grand Prix.

Though a fairly good number were built, most had been driven into the ground by the mid ‘70s, when I decided to find one. This example is finished in Cordovan metallic with gold interior and had only 19,000 original miles when I bought it in 1976. (I’ve put a little over 1000 miles on it in the 29 years it’s been in my possession.)  As the original paint had quite a few “dings”, I had it repainted quite a few years back. The interior chrome was pitted, so that was redone as well. Otherwise very little was needed. If this car were black on black, it would be exactly as I would have ordered it in 1963, as it features every option available, save the vinyl top, which it certainly never needed.


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