1968 Dodge Charger R/T



440 c.i. 375 h.p.

Introduced for the 1966 model year, the Charger was a fastback version of the “mid-size” Dodge, the Coronet. Though outfitted with an attractive four bucket seat interior, the styling was ungainly, as the fastback approach does not work well on a large car.

All this changed for model year 1968 when a semi fastback, “Coke bottle” profile was adapted to an all new Charger, again based on the highly attractive new “B” body Dodges. The result was one of the most beautiful – and in the case of the R/T – most vaunted automobiles ever built.

I cannot put into words how badly in 1968 I wanted a model just like the one pictured but, needing the room a station wagon offered to transport my electric piano, Karen’s drum kit and numerous other musical items, pragmatism won the day and we ordered a 1968 Plymouth Fury wagon.

As very few of these Charger R/Ts survive - and fewer without a vinyl top or rust – it took many a year to find one to restore, it was1998 exactly. By the time every last detail was addressed, it was 2000 but, after all those years, it was no hurry and the wait was surely worth it.


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