1959 DeSoto Adventurer



383 c.i. 350 h.p.

Introduced in 1956, the Adventurer was DeSoto’s high-performance limited production answer to Chrysler’s 300 featuring 2 four barrel carburetors as well. Whereas Chrysler took the minimalist approach in trimming the 300, DeSoto – along with just about every other marque in the ‘50s – slathered the gimcrackery on the first four model years of Adventurers. It does, however, make for an impressive looking automobile! I am only the third owner of this car, having acquired it in 1978. The DeSoto only has 68,000 miles on the odometer and has always been pampered.   Nevertheless, when the original pattern for the seat covers - and carpeting as well - was finally reproduced, I had the interior restored to factory specs.

As word got out in the late '50s that Chrysler was contemplating discontinuing DeSoto, prospective buyers became wary and this led to a self-fulfilling prophecy; the end of the marque was announced in November of 1960 after just a few of the 1961 models were built. The rumors made the already expensive and limited production Adventurer that much more difficult to sell, with the result being that only 590 coupes and 97 convertibles of the 1959 model  were built.

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