1960 Chrysler 300 F



1 of 248 / 413 c.i. 375 h.p.

This particular auto is unique in that it was special-ordered with a white pearlescent interior. Unless otherwise requested, all 300 “letter cars” were built with tan leather interiors. I purchased the car in 1979 and finally got around to having it restored in 1994.

1960 was the first year the lettered 300s featured “Ram Induction”, an impressive work of intake manifolding that worked, in effect, like supercharging, in addition to being a sight to behold.

Though the 1959 300 was fitted with the same 413 engine and dual four barrel carbs as well, the Ram Induction makes a world of difference in acceleration and overall personality of the car. The redesigned interior for the F (G and H also) was a stunner, both aesthetically and ergonomically, with a full-length console, four bucket seats, an "Astrodome" which housed the speedometer and an array of gauges directly in front of the driver, and all push buttons for the transmission, as well as heat, defrost, etc., all within easy reach of the driver. The overall look was most impressive and very "space age". The only miscue was the placement of the tachometer down on the console.

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