1959 Chrysler 300 E



One of 140 built / 17 known to exist. 413 c.i. 380 h.p.

I purchased this 300 in 1978. Though originally a California car, the second owner had discovered it on a farm off a highway in Utah in a chicken coop! Through the years it had been repainted in orange (!) and its beautiful tan leather interior replaced with black Naugahyde!! This is how it appeared when Mom and Dad dropped by the MGM Grand with it as Karen and I were rehearsing with the orchestra in preparation for another opening (another show). From Utah, by Vegas, the folks made it home without incident. Restoration was begun shortly thereafter with the Chrysler refinished in its original Cameo Tan, one of only four 300E convertibles finished in this color.

For those of you who know your "letter cars", let's talk about letters. The leading edge of the E's hood, as with those of the C and the D which preceded it, came from the factory featuring "Chrysler" lettering. This example, for whatever reason, did not. We noticed this, of course, and as we were getting ready to take it down for restoration we thought maybe, through the years, the holes had been filled in, say, before the orange respray. But Gary Goers, who was performing the restoration, actually took a wheel and sanded the hood right down to the bare metal and determined it never had any holes put in it from the factory whatsoever.


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