2000 Plymouth Prowler


3.5 liter V6, 255 h.p.

One of approximately 11,000 built from 1997 through 2001. The Prowler, like the Dodge Viper, was originally a concept car, for display at various auto shows throughout the country, solely designed to attract people to Dodge and Plymouth exhibits. Response to both was overwhelming, with the result being that both were produced in limited numbers. The Viper continues, but with Plymouth sadly going the way of Oldsmobile, the last year Prowler was rebadged as a Chrysler and that was it. It is, of course, a modern take on the classic American hot rod, brilliantly rendered, a gorgeous automobile. I feel the reason it isnít continued today, and does not have quite the vaunted reputation it should have, is due to Chrysler Corporationís foolish decision to build the car with a V6 instead of a good old American V8. This car is quite quick but not as quick as it should be and, much more importantly, no engine has the healthy sound of an American V8 and, after all, the car is supposed to be a hot rod!!

Nevertheless, the Prowler is a treat to look at, and a kick to drive around town.

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