1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

Currently on display at the Petersen Automobile Museum in Los Angeles



426 c.i. “Hemi” 425 h.p.

1 of 55 ’71 Roadrunners built with the legendary Hemi and 35 extant.

I first saw this model pictured in a auto magazine while Karen and I were on location in Sun Valley, Idaho, guesting on a Peggy Fleming special in September, 1970. I remember being impressed with the new styling and thinking I now could afford the Hemi, but thinking better of it because we already owned several cars, were rarely at home and that it wouldn’t be sensible!! Of course, between the government and the insurance industry, 1971 turned out to be the last year of the Hemi and the true muscle car and I missed a great opportunity to order one to my specifications – and pay no more than five thousand dollars in the process. Oh, well, “Hindsight is 20/20 vision!

Suffice it to say that this unit cost a little more than that, but at least it’s in beautiful condition and not too far removed from how I would have ordered it originally, though I could do without the spoilers!

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