1965 Plymouth Satellite


One of 1,860 built / 383 c.i. 330 h.p.

Our first new car, purchased in February of 1965, much to my delight. I saw it on the showroom floor and was a salesmanís dream come true as I definitely wore my heart on my sleeve. My dad let me know we didnít want or need a convertible, but, hey, I was 18! He was a great guy and, of course, relented. On a cool, gloomy Sunday afternoon in February, the Plymouth was purchased and we all drove home Ö with the top down, of course!

This is a particularly rare example; in addition the being a convertible, it has a number of rare Ėfor a Plymouth at the time- options, including AM/FM radio, power windows and tachometer. The sticker was a bit dear for my folks, but the car turned out to be terrific, trouble-free, and along with the ĎCuda, my dadís automotive pride and joy in the years to come.


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