Released after Karen’s tragic, untimely passing on February 4, 1983, “Voice Of The Heart” is a collection of two songs from what turned out to be our last recording sessions, Now and You're Enough (April 1982) and others recorded through the years. At the time of Karen’s passing, the songs that would make up this album needed quite a bit of arranging and production work to bring to completion. This proved difficult at times, but at the time I believed that Karen would have wanted these songs released, and I felt the same. All these years later, I feel differently; the songs are outtakes, and though I still feel that Ordinary Fool is a good vehicle for Karen and a good piece of arranging and production on my part, had Karen lived, we would have turned our attention to the new songs (along with some standards, no doubt) and not thought of these tracks again. Out of the two recorded in 1982, only Now would have made any bona fide follow-up to "Made In America".

1.    Now    3:46

2.    Sailing On The Tide    4:21

3.    You're Enough    3:46

4.    Make Believe It's Your First Time    4:07

5.    Two Lives    4:32

6.    At The End Of A Song    3:42

7.    Ordinary Fool    3:40

8.    Prime Time Love    3:10

9.    Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore    3:51

10.  Look To Your Dreams    4:28


Produced and arranged by Richard Carpenter

Lead Vocals: Karen Carpenter

Recorded at A&M Recording Studios

Engineered by: Roger "Mingo" Young

Assistant Engineer: Robert De La Garza

Mixed at A&M Recording Studios, Capitol Recording Studios and The Village Recorder

Mix-down Engineer: Roger Young

Assistants: Robert De La Garza, David Cole, Robin Laine

Mastered by: Bernie Grundman at A&M Recording Studios

Look To Your Dreams arranged by Peter Knight

Concertmaster: Jimmy Getzoff

Contractor: Jules Chaikin

The O.K. Chorale - under the direction of Ron Hicklin

Conducted by Dick Bolk

Special Thanks to Ron Gorow, John Bettis, Roger Young, Don Hahn, Mimi Thomas, all the guys in the shop: Ken, Gary, Bill, Karl; Werner Wolfen, Herb, Jerry and the entire A&M family

Art Direction: Chuck Beeson

Photography: Front Cover, Claude Mougin; Back Cover, Larry Williams; Innersleeve, Annie Leibovitz


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May 2004  © Richard Carpenter

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